5 ways to Earn the respect of your boyfriend/Fiancé

He treats you like your opinions do not matter, he treats other people better than he treats you, he even treats you like trash! Well, say goodbye to these kinds of feeling because you will earn the respect you deserve from your boyfriend! As a female, it sometimes occur that you are not treated as an equal by your partner.  While this may occur as a result of the flaws of the male partner, it may be as a result of who you are, what you do and the way you act. Your male partner won’t (at least shouldn’t) start treating you inferior immediately you begin your relationship (if he does, pack your bags and run. . . lol!). It occurs when you’ve been in the relationship for a while. If your man starts treating you less than an equal and you feel you may be the reason he acts this way, then you can try these 5 things. When the treatment gets better, then you would enjoy your relationship. And if it doesn’t, you need to figure out if you will be okay with him treating you this way. . .or worse.


1. Earn the respect by building yourself up

get treated better by your boyfriend

Lots of guys feel more nervous asking out a lady that is independent than one who isn’t. You know why? Because they truly respect her for who and where she is. In fact, where you are and who you are determines the kind of male prospects you attract. Now, when in a relationship with an ambitious man (especially one that interacts with respected females in his business line), you have to grow with him (if not more than him) in order not to be left behind. He may end up dating a businesswoman of (or more than) his status if you don’t improve on yourself. You should know the kind of man you’re in a relationship with. He may treat you with less respect than expected and this doesn’t mean he’s sleeping around or doesn’t love you. He just feels unconsciously that that’s the level of respect you deserve. A right minded man loves it when his female partner is ambitious and productive for this challenges him to grow and be better. Even if he doesn’t tell you due his ego, you’d definitely see some changes evident from the way he acts towards you.


2. Don’t be over dependent on your boyfriend

Like a toddler that cries anytime she’s hungry, don’t run to him for the solutions to every challenge you face except ones that he should be involved in. Try doing things on your own. He’s probably shouldering some weights that he is not telling you so why don’t you do the same? While you may tell him of the challenges you’re facing, tell him that you have it all under control (if you do). This gives him confidence in his partner that she can handle whatever comes her way. Don’t be helpless always. . .it’s tiring. This is a very good way to earn the respect of your boyfriend.


3. Do less

get treated better by your spouse

Doing so much for your partner all the time may cause him respect you the less. If you notice that you do a lot for him and put him first a lot but he doesn’t reciprocate, then you should start doing less. This also applies to being the first at everything. If you realize you’re the first to call him, text him etc every time and he doesn’t even appreciate it then you should stop doing it or at least reduce it. Let him feel and know that you can survive (even if it’s just for a while) without calling him. Of course this does not work if you are in a fight. . . especially if you’re the cause of the fight. It also may not work if he’s fallen in love with someone else but hasn’t told you. Analyze the situation and get to know if doing more or less is the right thing!


4. Share the bills

If you’re living together , especially if you’re married, do not let your spouse pay for everything! He’s not a Money Making Machine and i don’t care how huge the amount he earns is! If he’s earning two million naira per month and you’re earning fifty thousand naira per month, take a portion of the bills and pay it. And if not, take your spouse/husband out from time to time and pay the bills at the eatery or wherever you both go. This is one of the best ways to earn the respect of your boyfriend. He’ll probably give you the money back (which you should reject sometimes by telling him you still have some change with you). It goes a long way and deepens the love and respect between the both of you. It shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile. . . to sacrifice for him if necessary.


5. Talk to him

I want to be treated better!

Who knows why he’s behaving this way. It may be due to his background, his past relationships etc. Find out what causes him to behave that way and see if you both can find a common ground. Let him know you don’t feel valued enough. He may be able to give you a good explanation for why he behaves as such. He may also be willing to improve on it. Note that improvement takes work from the both of you and you both need to see things from each other’s perspective. The importance of communication in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. So make sure you work together to improve your relationship, you can’t do it alone.


Of course you know your spouse better than I do. And some of these techniques may not work for you. You need to find out why your hubby does not treat you as an equal and try solving that problem. Always do it with love and be a little fierce when necessary. But let your hubby know that you’re both dependent and independent of him at every moment. Write your relationship challenges in the comments below and let’s see if we can come together to make it better. Also feel free to write other methods you’ve used to earn the respect of your boyfriend below!

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